Well instead of going to the pharmacy to buy an expensive product that can help you but there is also a huge risk that won`t help you, we have an excellent recipe for a healthy home remedy that will help you better than the one from the pharmacy. When you compare those products with this medication, there is a huge difference you will ask why? Well, those products have isopropyl alcohol, this home remedy has to rub alcohol and white vinegar.

When you mix the rubbing alcohol and white vinegar, both of them are working to remove earwax, dry the ear; it will reduce your pain. Why is this home remedy more effective than others? Because of the vinegar, the white vinegar is an antimicrobial that helps you with the infections, and you can find it everywhere without going to the pharmacy with a prescription to pay for some product unreal prize.

How to make it and how to use this remedy:

As we already said, you need a teaspoon, white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. There is no science how to make it just combine them.

How to use it:

Take the teaspoon apply it to the ear. Let it stay for 1 minute or maybe less. Then stand up and let the water go out of the ear than rinse it. We suggest you use this at least two times a day.


Written by Amy

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