In order to be able to function normally and be energized our bodies require the good and proper time of sleeping. The quality of sleeping is significantly affected by the position of sleeping.

For that reason, it is important to pay attention to sleeping positions and learn about their benefits in order to improve the quality of sleep.

Here you’ll have the opportunity to learn the effects of the 10 of the most common sleeping positions:

1. Arms Up While On Your Back

This position is beneficial for the back, and prevents facial wrinkles, acid reflux, and snoring. Additionally, it can cause a shoulder discomfort, so you can use an extra pillow. It is also known as the “starfish.

2.Sleeping On Your Back

This is a neutral spinal position without the exertion of force on the back, why is recommended by the doctors. This improves overall neck and spine health.


Spooning sleeping position relieves stress, however, it can often cause pain and aches. The psychologists state that the physical contact between the partners, even during sleep, reduces their stress.

4.Pillow Cuddling

This position is especially recommended in order to relieve the stress on the joints and the spinal pain.

5.Sleeping On Your Side

For those who suffer from sleep apnea or constant snoring, this position can be of great help, as it aligns the spine, preventing the pains in the back.

As side effects of this position are known as facial wrinkles and saggy breasts, so it is recommended to change this position during sleeping.

6.Back-To-Back, No Contact

This sleeping position is usually practiced when the issues in the relationship occur, as it allows partners to sleep without physical contact. However, sometimes it is useful if the partners just want to relax after a hard day at work.

7.Fetal Position

This is a good position for children, but not for adults. It restricts breathing and might cause various neck and back problems, which reduces the quality of sleep.

The psychologists state that the people who sleep in this position are more prone to stress than others.

8. Couples On The Edge Of The Bed, Facing Away From Each Other

Even though the position is known as “pre-divorce” position, in fact, over 90% of couples who sleep in this position have a happy relationship.

9. Sleeping on Your Stomach

This position applies great pressure on the back, causing “pins and needles” in the arms and legs and it is one of the most harmful sleeping positions. Additionally, it restricts breathing as it strains the neck.

10.Couples Facing Towards Each Other

It is highly intimate position and allows easy hugging and eye contact.


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